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Cam Preus, Executive Director

John Wykoff, Deputy Director

Karen Smith, General Counsel

Casey White-Zollman, Communications Director

Katie Archambault, Operations and Policy Analyst

Elizabeth Cox Brand, Executive Director, Student Success Center

Suzette Boydston, Statewide Affinity Coordinator

Susan Baker, Executive Assistant



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Board Policy Service

OCCA Board Policy Services

Board Policy and Procedure Program

In partnership with the Community College League of California (League) and the law firm of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore, OCCA provides subscribing Oregon community colleges access to the League’s national program designed for community colleges.  OCCA’s Board Policy and Procedure Program includes:

Board Policy (BP) and Administrative Procedure (AP) Samples – Over 360 BP and AP samples that are legally required, legally advised, or suggested as good practice for governing boards and community colleges as entities. As an added value to the Oregon community colleges, OCCA has worked with the League to develop an integrated package of sample policies and procedures that are also customized to reflect Oregon law and Northwest Accrediting Commission standards. The package of BP and AP samples is provided to subscribing colleges via OCCA’s online, password protected website.

Legal Updates - Each year, colleges receive legal updates to assist them in ensuring their BPs and APs remain current. The legal updates are available to subscribing colleges via the online webpage and are distributed through the email Listserv.

ListServ - Employees from subscribing colleges may request to be placed on a listserv to receive and share information from OCCA, the League, and other subscribers to the League's Federally-Compliant Board Policy and Administrative Procedure Program.

Workshops – OCCA General Counsel, Karen Smith, and the League’s Special Consultant for the Board Policy and Procedure Service, Dr. Jane B. Wright, will conduct workshops on the board policy and procedures templates, core package, and possible implementation strategies.  

Oregon Policy and Procedure Samples

OCCA provides general policy advice and guidance to all Oregon community college members as part of their current OCCA dues.  OCCA works with college presidents, staff, and board members to analyze and help operationalize recently passed Oregon legislation and administrative rules.  

Policy Development Assistance

More in-depth drafting of policies and procedures is available on an hourly fee basis for those colleges that do not subscribe to the OCCA Board Policy and Procedure Program. This service is available to those colleges requesting  assistance in drafting policy language that goes beyond the sample policies provided to all colleges in response to changes to Oregon law and administrative rules.


For more information about OCCA’s Board Policy Services, contact Karen Smith at ksmith@occa17.com or by phone at 503-399-9912.