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Board Resources Publications

 Requirements for July Organizational Board Meetings

 Board Checklist for the Chairperson

 The Board's Role in Achieving Student Success - John Gardner, John Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education, 2012 Board Training

 Student Persistence and Completion Strategy - Community Colleges and Workforce Development, 2012 Board Training

OCCA Community College Board Member Handbooks

 2016 OCCA Board Training Handbook - Updated August 2016

 2015 OCCA Board Training Handbook - July 2015

2015 OCCA New Board Member Training Materials

 2015 OCCA Community College Board Member Handbook

 OCCA New Board Member Overview PowerPoint Presentation - Andrea Henderson, OCCA Executive Director

 Board Basics PowerPoint Presentation - Karen Smith, OCCA General Counsel

 Public Meetings Law Decision in Lane County - Dumdi v. Handy

OCCA Calendar of Meetings/Events

 OCCA Meeting and Event Calendar