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Community College Capital Construction

2017-19 Community College Capital Construction Request

The community college capital request is presented in three categories: Safety and Security, Capital Construction and Deferred Maintenance. The first category, Safety and Security, is based on the self- assessed safety and security needs of Oregon’s community colleges and is approximately $15 million. While a request was presented to the Legislature during the 2016 session, the Governor has convened a task force to examine safety and security needs on college campuses and this figure may need to be adjusted based on that group’s findings.

The second category, Capital Construction, is based on a blind review by members of the Capital Construction Workgroup and presented in a ranked list. Tier I projects were reviewed and scored by four community college presidents and the Director of the Office of CCWD. After the blind ranking process, Umpqua Community College’s request was moved to the top of the list at the request of the Oregon President’s Council. Colleges may not have more than one project approved for XI-G bond funding that are awaiting matching funds, other than projects approved prior to January 1, 2014. Mt. Hood Community College, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Rogue Community College and Umpqua all plan to meet their match for previous capital construction requests this year. The total request is for $84,496,990.50 in XI-G Bonds.

The third category, Deferred Maintenance, is based on the total identified need for deferred maintenance projects at Oregon’s community colleges. Each college was asked to submit a ranked list to the Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development. The total cost for all projects on the lists is $241,786,521.00.

Community College Tier I Capital Requests

Safety and Security (all colleges)

$              15,000,000.00


Capital Construction Ranked List


XI-G Bonds Requested*

Total Project Cost

Umpqua Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       20,110,414.00

Linn Benton Community College

$              7,500,000.00

$       15,062,670.00

Chemeketa Community College

$              6,000,000.00

$       17,060,313.00

Portland Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       22,500,000.00

Lane Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       16,200,000.00

Southwestern Oregon Community College

$              2,749,997.00

$       5,499,995.00

Clackamas Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       24,700,000.00

Mt Hood Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       23,000,000.00

Blue Mountain Community College

$              2,500,000.00

$       5,000,000.00

Oregon Coast Community College

$              8,000,000.00

$       16,000,000.00

Rogue Community College

$              6,000,000.00

$       12,000,000.00

Treasure Valley Community College

$              3,750,000.00

$       7,500,000.00

Clatsop Community College

$              7,996,993.50

$       15,993,987.00

Capital Construction Subtotal

$              84,496,990.50

$       200,627,379.00

Deferred Maintenance (all colleges)

$              241,786,521.00



$              341,283,512.50