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2017 Legislative Committees

Senate Education Committee
Sen. Arnie Roblan, Chair
Sen. Dennis Linthicum, Vice Chair
Sen. Sara Gelser
Sen. Mark Hass
Sen. Jeff Kruse

Senate Workforce Committee
Sen. Kathleen Taylor, Chair
Sen. Tim Knopp, Vice Chair
Sen. Sara Gelser
Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson

Joint Ways and Means Education Subcommittee
Sen. Rod Monroe, Co-Chair
Rep. Barbara Smith Warner, Co-Chair
Sen. Arnie Roblan
Sen. Chuck Thomsen
Rep. Diego Hernandez
Rep. John Lively
Rep. Julie Parrish
Rep. Gene Whisnant

House Education Committee
Rep. Margaret Doherty, Chair 
Rep. Diego Hernandez, Vice Chair
Rep. Carl Wilson, Vice Chair
Rep. Paul Evans
Rep. Susan McLain
Rep. Julie Parrish
Rep. Janeen Sollman
Rep. Sherrie Sprenger
Rep. Richard Vial

House Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee
Rep. Jeff Reardon, Chair
Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon, Vice Chair
Rep. Gene Whisnant, Vice Chair
Rep. Janelle Bynum
Rep. Brian Clem
Rep. Dallas Heard
Rep. Mark Johnson
Rep. Werner Reschke
Rep. Janeen Sollman