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Cam Preus, Executive Director

John Wykoff, Deputy Director

Karen Smith, General Counsel

Casey White-Zollman, Communications Director

Katie Archambault, Director of Research & Fiscal Operations

Elizabeth Cox Brand, Executive Director, Student Success Center

Suzette Boydston, Statewide Affinity Coordinator

Susan Baker, Executive Assistant



260 13th St NE 

Salem, OR 97301

(503) 399-9912



COVID-19 Resources


Stay Home, Save Lives: Ordering Oregonians to Stay at Home, Closing Specified Retail Businesses, Requiring Social Distancing Measures for Other Public and Private Facilities, and Imposing Requirements for Outdoor Areas and Licensed Childcare Facilities


Suspension of In-Person Instructional Activities at Higher Education Institutions in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak


Keep Government Working: Ordering Necessary Measures to Ensure Safe Public Meetings and Continued Operations by Local Governments During Coronavirus Outbreak.


Extending Executive Order No. 20-09 (Suspension of In-person Instructional Activities at Higher Education Institutions)














HECC - COVID-19 Resources for Oregon Postsecondary Education Partners