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OCCA Committees

OCCA maintains seven standing committees: Member Services; Budget; Legislative; Nominating; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); Student Success Advisory, and the Howard Cherry Nominating. The OCCA Board and the Executive Committee can also form temporary committees to work on specific issues relating to community colleges. Once the issue has reached a conclusion or the issue can be assimilated into another committee, the ad hoc groups are disbanded.

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Budget Committee

Purpose: The committee reviews and makes recommendations to OCCA staff about the OCCA budget. The committee will also review, with staff, the annual audit of the OCCA financial statements.

Lisa Skari, Chair – Mt. Hood President, OCCA Treasurer

Tim Cook – Clackamas President

Stephen Crow – Treasure Valley Board Member

Alan Unger – Central Oregon Board Member

Jess Jacobs – Linn-Benton Director of Account & Budget

Jessica Howard – Chemeketa President

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Purpose: Works to provide tools to community colleges to actively engage and recruit people of color in our communities to increase their participation and representation on our boards of education, support OCCA, all community college board members, and all community colleges in their individual and collective learning around racism and bias within our institutions and society, and recommend all Oregon community college boards consider adoption of the ACCT Equity Action Agenda.

*Pending Board approval

Lisa AbuAssaly George, Co-Chair – Columbia Gorge, Chief Diversity Officer

Jane Reid – Clackamas Board Member

Kim Morgan – Columbia Gorge Board Member

Alan Unger – Central Oregon Board Member

Debbie Kilduff – Oregon Coast Board Member

Kate Marquez – Klamath Board Member

Ron Pittman – Chemeketa Board Member

Jonathan Bilden – Rogue Board Member

Lucia Bartscher – Rogue, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

Susan Anderson – Southwestern Oregon Board Member

Greer Gaston – Clackamas Board Member*

Tim Cook – Clackamas President

Kenneth Lawson – Columbia Gorge President

Christy Walker – Central Oregon, Chief Diversity Officer

Casey Layton – Clackamas, Chief Diversity Officer

Traci Simmons – Mt. Hood, Chief Diversity Officer

Vivi Caleffi Prichard – Chemeketa, Chief Diversity Officer

Vacant position – President

Vacant position – President

Howard Cherry Nominating Committee*

Purpose: Reviews award nominations and selects winners for the annual Howard Cherry Awards

*To be determined in 2024.

Legislative Committee

Annette Mattson, Chair – Mt. Hood Board Member

Austin Folnagy – Lane Board Member

Steve Loosley – Umpqua Board Member

Kien Truong – Portland Board Member

Jane Reid – Clackamas Board Member

Lisa Skari – Mt. Hood President

Ross Tomlin – Tillamook Bay President

Dana Young – Treasure Valley President

Sage Learn – Portland Chief of Staff

Elise Hamner – Southwestern Oregon Dean of Foundation & Development

Brett Rowlett – Lane Executive Director of External Affairs

Laurie Chesley – Central Oregon President


Member Services Committee

Purpose: This committee works on issues regarding how OCCA can best serve the needs of the 17 local community colleges and engages in strategic planning. The committee reviews and makes recommendations to staff about OCCA educational programs, including administrator, president, and board training events and the annual OCCA convention. The committee will also assist the Member Services Director with the development of new training opportunities such as webinars and administrator and leadership development.

Austin Folnagy, Chair – Lane Board Member, OCCA VP

Randy Weber – Rogue President

Jessica Howard – Chemeketa President, OCCA Secretary

Marcia Jensen – Southwestern Oregon Board Member

Kim Morgan – Columbia Gorge Board Member

Dave Jensen – Klamath Board Member

Pat Fahey – Rogue Board Member

Ross Tomlin – Tillamook Bay President                       

Dana Young – Treasure Valley President                         

Lori Hall – Clackamas Public Information Officer

Shannon Franklin – Blue Mountain Executive Assistant

Andres Oroz – Oregon Coast VP of Student Affairs

Nominating Committee

Purpose: The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of officers for the upcoming fiscal year executive committee, consisting of the vice-president, treasurer and at-large members (and, if necessary, the president or secretary) to be presented to the OCCA board at the meeting prior to the meeting where the election of officers is to occur. Additional nominations may be made.

Kim Morgan, Chair – Columbia Gorge Board Member

Patty Scott – Southwestern Oregon President

Betsy McMahon – Tillamook Bay Board Member

Stephanie Bulger – Lane President

Steve Loosely – Umpqua Board Member

Student Success Advisory Committee

Purpose: This committee is chaired by one of the two community college president members. Two OCCA Representatives serve on the committee along with two representatives from the following community college affinity groups: CTE Deans, Adult Basic Education, Council of Student Services Administrators (CSSA), Council of Instructional Administrators (CIA), Oregon Community College Institutional Researchers (OCCIR), Oregon Community College Distance Learning Association (OCCDLA). The Director of the Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development and the Executive Director of the Oregon Student Success Center are ex-officio members of the committee. This committee meets twice annually to provide strategic and operational direction to the Oregon Student Success Center and the OCCA Board of Directors.

Lloyd Mueller, Clatsop

Gary Plano, Rogue

Neva Hutchinson, Chemeketa

Ali Mageehon, SWOCC

Teresa Rivenes, UCC

Bill Jennings, Klamath

Erin McCarley, Tillamook Bay

John Hamblin, Mt Hood

Mike Espinoza, CGCC

Luis Rodriguez, PCC

Jann Bell, TVCC

Michael Fisher, COCC

Ian Corronado, Lane

Colin Ensminger-Stapp, Chemeketa

Mark Browning, BMCC

Randy Weber, Rogue

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